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Haim Omer presents all the basic concepts, tools, and language of Non-Violent Resistance in his first systematic course on the approach.

Non-Violent Resistance Foundation Course 1 for Clinicians

The course is made available via pre-recorded video only and presented using a learning management system. The first two lessons are available during week 1, whereas the other courses are released on per week. Participants submit reflective assignments and have the option to ask questions. Any additional questions will be answered by Haim Omer personally during a live session once every 6 weeks. In addition, all participants have access to the NVR Social Group and Forum within the course website for 12 weeks.

Refunds are not available for course registrations.

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Participants will be supported by the experts from our instructional team, consisting of registered psychologists, speech and language pathologists, counsellors, and education consultants.


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Even though the course content is structured and sequential, sometimes you just want to know more about a certain topic. Each lecture includes a reflection assignment and the opportunity to ask questions that will be directly answered by your NVR Instructor.

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What Others Shared about NVR

Eia Asen Psychiatrist, Anna Freud Centre and University College London, UK.

This is the most impressive development of concepts and practices introduced in the first edition of Haim Omer's book. Particularly inspiring are the novel ways in which he applies the NVR approach to social systems, such as schools and communities. It is essential reading for parents and therapists alike!

Ben Furman Psychiatrist - KidsSkillsAcademy.com

If you are not already well-versed in Non-Violent Resistance – or New Authority, as it is also known as – this online course composed of Professor Haim Omer’s captivating video lectures is your best bet. Omer’s ideas are refreshing. They not only make sense, but also provide professionals with a wide variety of practical tools that empower them to help families struggling with serious problems that have up until these days been ignored or fallen between the cracks of social support systems.

Karl Tomm Professor of Psychiatry, University of Calgary Director, Calgary Family Therapy Centre

Hearing about the core principles and practical tools of NVR in the voice of the person who founded the approach is an extraordinary treat! In this series of lectures, Haim speaks with candor, passion, and intimacy to share his experiences in developing and applying the powerful concepts of parental presence, non-escalation, vigilant care, new authority (and more) to give the listener a fantastic opportunity to learn from “the wisdom of an elder.” I predict that these presentations will become “classics” for all those interested in this incredibly generative work.